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The professional team is here to service YOU the best! 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details about making a booking!

Tel/WhatsApp: +852-679-55532

Instagram: @youspahk

X: @YouSpaHK

We only accept Cash, PayMe and FPS currently.

ONLINE BOOKING will be available soon! Stay tuned!

STAY TUNED! Team photos are ahead!

SCOTT 90s 170

I'm a manly, sporty guy and love serving my guests with my various techniques, specialized in spinal adjustments. Feel free to talk to me, I just love talking!

CHARLES 90s 170 68

Wow! Indeed, I'm obsessed in working out, because I always believe that body health is the most essential thing! I'd love to spread the importance of health to our guests with my athletic body, and my strong sport massage.

KAITO 28 170 65

I love the gym so much! So, come over and and taste a gym fit big chest! Haha! Just kidding! Trying to be humble... I'm a pleasant guy, indeed! Can't wait to see y'all!

LUKAS 23 170 54

Wanna meet a polite guy? Come discover me! A good-looking guy with smooth skin. Well, actually, I'm kinda cute! Try to be humble, try to be humble! Haha! XD Anyway, see you soon!

KADEN 90s 177 75

I love sports! Love going to the gym! I usually spend my free time in the gym! I love making new friends! Wanna meet a sincere guy like me? Just make a booking!

STEPHEN 23 167 54

I'm a swimmer coach! Don't worry, not gonna teach you swimming on a massage table, but yet, I know how your muscles work. Handover your body to me and enjoy the smoothness and the warmth of my body. My six-pack is all ready for you!

TOMMY 19 175 60

I've a various of hobbies, like fashion and gym. I've got a sense of fashion, but you know, to wear something really great, I gotta have the best body. So, I trained myself so hard these days, getting myself a nice six-pack, beautiful biceps and bigger chest to deal with it! See you real soon!

PARCO 90s 177 74

Performing art lover in the house! Love singing and dancing! So I gotta be well-built with a sporty look. Meet a sunshine and tanned boy like me and you'll feel my passion! If you wanna meet a little bear like me, I'm just a call away!

DRAGON 25 170 73

Cutie little bear here! Just love going to the gym and meeting new friends! Come try my skilful massage as I'm pretty sure the pressure would be so nice with my stocky sunshine build!

HARRY 19 175 62

You'll find me at the gym, or You Spa! Haha! And I think I'm quite influenced by K-pop culture, so my fashion taste is kinda in Korean style. Not bad, of course... Meeting young lean-fit masseur like me, is just a buzz ahead!

BEE 24 165 55

Don't worry! I'm just being talkative and friendly, not being noisy! Sweet guy here with a slim fit body! You'll find me cute, but I believe that I'm mature enough, at least I am in terms of massage skills. Come make a booking!

BRANDON 20 180 60

A lot of K-pop fans here, but I'm not just a fan, I do a lot of K-pop dance covers. I might not dress like a Korean but I love K-pop so much! (And dancing...) Being a dancer, keeping myself in shape is very important too! Slim-fit sporty guy here!

HOI 90s 174 70

I'm skilfully trained in massage, so just don't worry about my massage skills. Love heading to the beach for tanning and swimming. And I love working out too! Drop a booking and let me explore more about you too!

CARSON 22 175 58

Kinda straight-acting, maybe because I'm still exploring myself? I'm not sure about my sexual orientation. But, anyway, I'm here... kinda exploring... kinda feeling... I'm feeling it, join into my journey? A white skin tone and a sporty body is just a buzz away!

TEDDY 22 175 62

Another slim-fit popping dancer here! Just found out a lot of dancers in this spa! So friendly! You may find me cute, but I find myself mature, somehow, at least my massage skills won't let you down... Hardworking guy here, keep learning to give the best experience to our guests! Come, give me a touch!

ALFRED 19 165 52

Small guy, youngest one here, but don't hesitate to try my massage skills! The training here's just perfect and I'm confident that I'm indeed a fast-learner! I'll serve you with my tiny, yet slim-fit body. Somebody finds me cute, but I consider myself mature, and I've to be.

DONALD 18 170 54

I might be a neighborhood guy living next door of you! Or maybe a guy you might wanna meet in the swimming pool or beach, cause I love the water so much! If you wanna meet slim fit young boy, let us know and I'm gonna knock on your door. 

ANGUS 23 169 57

When you say that I'm like a slim fit guy, ordinary, let me tell you, nope! Not just because I'm hard-working in the gym, bulking myself these days, but bitch, I'm stylist, glock tucked, big t-shirt, Angus ay! Explore the inner-me behind the aura!

ROY 25 171 60

Straight-acting like me is present! A cute straight-acting guy... hmmmm... seems interesting! Have an adventurous journey on the massage table with the warmth of my hand and the sexiness of my abs and pacs! Don't blame me because I'm in the gym sometimes...



YOU SPA Team welcomes YOU to be one of us! As long as YOU are...

1. 18 years old or above;

2. have a sense of responsibility and punctuality;

3. have confident in your appearance;

4. are eager to learn,

we sincerely invite YOU to buzz our phone so we can get to know you better! We hope to be able to enjoy working together very soon!

Glad to work with YOU in the future!

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