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Eden Spa and You Spa have come together to create the unique experience around the zodiac signs of each masseurs! For this Extravaganza, guests will receive a corresponding zodiac stamp by booking a 90-minute massage with any masseurs based on their representative zodiac sign from Eden Spa or You Spa.

Tel/WhatsApp: +852-679-55532

Instagram: @youspahk

X: @YouSpaHK

Night Sky with Stars

Celestial Zodiac Blessings Extravaganza is launched since March 13, 2024, until March 31, 2025.

You Spa Zodiac 4:2024.png
You Spa Zodiac poster w:o bg.png

Step 1 - Make an appointment
Contact You Spa or Eden Spa. Make an appointment for a 90min aromatherapy or massage plan in a higher rate.

Step 2 - Choose a masseur
Choose a masseur according to your favourite zodiac. For You Spa, please refer to the zodiac diagram.

Step 3 - Visit us
Enjoy the massage dedicated for YOU.

Step 4 - Get a voucher card

You will get a stamp on a gift card after the sensational and relaxing time with our masseur. 

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