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We Are You Spa HK!

It's a man-to-man spa JUST FOR YOU.

YOU come for #relaxation

YOU come for #sensation

YOU come for #tentation

Located in the center of Hong Kong Island, Wan Chai. We are honored to have YOU visiting us!

We, You Spa, invite YOU to unwind in our tranquil relaxation areas, where you can savor a selection of treatments and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings. Soaking in with the warmth of our masseur's hands, escaping for stresses of everyday life, we are here to let you embark on a journey of #relaxation, #sensation and #tentation here at YOU SPA.

About You Spa HK

Welcome to You Spa, a SPA dedicated for YOU!

Tranquility and rejuvenation await YOU!

Striving to let YOU, our guests, feel like a home-sweet-home, an unforgettable experience, it is our pleasure to build the warmth, the love and the delight so as to elevate yourself to unwind and de-stress. Revitalising your body and mind, enhancing your natural beauty and health, our dedicated team of profession and passion is here to cater to every need of YOU.

Indulge in our wide array of spa treatments, crafted to provide ultimate experience for YOU. Soothing massages melts YOU away the tension and restores the vibrant hidden in your pain.

Operation Hours

Everyday: 12:00-01:00

(Last Call: 23:30)

Special Event


Celestial Zodiac Blessings Extravaganza is launched on March 13, 2024 until March 31, 2025.

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